Last year a monster fatberg that was 250-metres long and weighing 130-tonnes was removed from the sewers in east London last year.

The fatberg consisted of congealed fat, wet wipes, nappies, oil and condoms and took nine weeks to completely remove from the sewer.

A team of eight worked to clear the sewer with the final stretch having to be removed manually using shovels.

It became such a famous job that the museum of London decided to exhibit a piece of the fatberg this year and it has then gone on to be the most popular exhibit in the museum.

The fat in the exhibit has begun to “sweat” and change colour – and flies have hatched in it. The display is due to finish this week but due to its popularity the curator is hoping to preserve it for a permanent exhibit

Thames Water, the company behind the removal job says fatbergs form when people put things they should not down sinks and toilets.

The company spends about £1m every month clearing blockages from the capital’s sewers.

While we haven’t removed a 130-tonne fatberg at Steve Hastings Drainage we deal blocked drains due to fat and foreign objects on a daily basis. It is a problem that can be avoided if you avoid putting things down the sink and toilet that don’t belong there. In particular, this includes fat, wet wipes and nappies. If you do have an issue with a blocked drain then get in touch so we can help