CCTV Drain Inspection Blackpool & Preston

At SH Drain Services we recommend regular maintenance checks, especially for commercial property, as this can help keep them maintained and ensure that we catch any issues before they become urgent.
We can uncover an issue with your drains

If we discover that simply unblocking your drain isnt going to fix your issue, we might suggest the best option is to undertake a CCTV inspection to find the problem and get a solution. This means we can easily work on the best solution to keep minimul disruption to you.
Mortgage & Insurance Surveys

If you are requiring a full inspection prior to purchasing a new property then we can offer this service and provide you with a FULL report. This can sometimes be required by your new mortgage lender or simply for your piece of mind.

Sometimes insurance companies can require a survey, this again we can supply to you a FULL report.

If however you do think you may have a problem we will come out to identify it and look to provide you with a full CCTV survey.