No one is lucky enough to never encounter a blocked drain and we have all been there with blockages, damaged drains and intruding roots.

No matter where your postcode is, or what you flush down your drains; sometimes blocked drains are out of your hands. The only thing you can ensure is that you know who to call to get the problems resolved, Steve Hastings Drainage Services, of course.

My Drains Are Slow… Are They Blocked?

If your drains are running slow or take a while to fully drain away your wastewater, you could have a bigger problem on the horizon. Drains that are slow draining often give an insight that there is a blockage somewhere else within your drainage system or a broken drain/pipe somewhere further away.

Whether or not this is in your drainage system, it could start to back up and then you would be left with a bigger problem than a slow drain. Get your drains and pipes inspected today from Steve Hastings with free CCTV inspections on all services. The chances are, you will have a problem somewhere so target the issue now before it comes much bigger and more costly to repair.

Chemicals Don’t Always Work

With the latest trends of Mrs.Hinch and other cleaning techniques being followed, it is important to note that pouring large amounts of chemicals down your drains or plug holes doesn’t always work.

There are certain chemicals that may smell great, bust through grime and dirt and unblock your drain but these same chemicals can also disintegrate your materials, damage your pipes and overtime, destroy your drainage infrastructure.

Drain chemicals can be found in any DIY store or even most supermarkets in either liquid or flake form. Please check the severity of these chemicals before using them on your drains or get in touch with our team to find out the current condition of your drains and whether they can handle the corrosive chemicals or not.

Your Drains, Their Drains, Not My Drains?!

Your drains all link to the main sewer drains and your neighbours do too. There is no way that you can determine who’s drains blocked the main sewer, all we can do is take accountability for our own drains and hope that everyone else does too.

It is so important to educate yourselves and your neighbours on what not to flush so that you can all enjoy peace of mind and cleared drains for many years to come. No one wants a backlog of baby wipes coming up their toilet or blocked drains leading from someone else’s home. Look after your own and look after each other for the benefit of everyone.

Get in Touch

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