Drain can easily be blocked from all manner of foreign objects being disposed of down them which HMP Stoke Heath in Shropshire recently found out.

Severn Trent, the water company managing the treatment works near the prison noticed something peculiar was going and eventually worked their way back to the prison.

Weightlifting is a popular past time in prisons, but the prison catering system is not really designed for fitness enthusiasts in mind, with a typical daily budget of around £1.87 it is unlikely an inmate will hit their daily protein requirements for building muscle.,

Some inmates are allowed to eat in their cell, and some of these have started making their own protein shakes from eggs. However, this therefore created eggshell waste and the inmates were flushing this down the drains.

Throwing a few egg shells down the drain may not seem like a major problem, but the combination of this and other drain blocking culprits such as fat can build up quickly, and once a blockage starts the problem exacerbates at an exponential rate.

The use of food waste disposers at the jail has been abolished, reducing the temptation to put excess materials down the sinks and drains, Severn Trent added.

Prison staff now collect and remove all food waste from HMP Stoke Heath.

As always, we always recommend that any waste is thrown out in the bin prior to washing up, and toilets should only deal with your bodily waste and toilet paper. Throwing things like fat, foot, wet wipes and nappies down the drain can and will cause serious drainage issues.