Rats can be a nuisance for any home or property owner. There are somewhere between 3 and 10 million of the pests in the UK, meaning they are everywhere. Whether you live in a big area like Blackpool or Preston or a smaller town like Poulton Le Fylde, you’re bound to find one.

A major way that rats enter a property is through the drainage system. At SH Drain Services our blog this week looks into how you can stop rats from getting into your home!

Can a Rat Really Get in Through the Drains?

Simple answer – yes! Rats are great swimmers and can climb very well. In some cases they can even climb up vertical walls, as long as the surface is rough enough. Drain pipes are often light work and the easiest way into your home. Rodents are pretty good swimmers as well, meaning any sewage or water is unlikely to put them off.

There isn’t always a lot you can do to stop rats from entering the drains. However, you can take steps to stop them from making their way into your living room.

Going From Summer into Winter

As they need food all the time, rats are always on the lookout for anything they can get their hands on. Alongside this, they need regular water and plumbing systems are like a supermarket for rodents!

When it gets colder, it isn’t unusual for them to move up the drains and into homes. Temperatures drop during winter and they start looking for more shelter. As this happens you can soon find your least favourite furry friends scurrying around in the walls.

Rat Blocker For Drains in Blackpool and Preston

However, you can stop rats before they enter a building! Installing a rat blocker for drains is easy and simple to do. It can save you a lot of stress and keep your house or building safe from infestations. Without them, you leave the soil pipe open for a rat to climb up.

These are non-return valves which have a single valve to allow waste to get out but stops unwanted guests from getting in. There are different sizes of valve and most residential blockers will be around 110 mm. However, if you have a commercial property, you will probably need a 150 mm non return valve.

Find Out More

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