Man Hole Repairs Blackpool

Man hole repairs across Blackpool. At HR Drain Services, we are able to build or repair any issues you may have with manholes situated on your property.

They may need repairing due to old age or subsidence which can cause problems like blockages and breakaway.

These problems however are all relatively easy to fix and our experts will do a full assessment of what needs doing beforehand.

We can also repair and fix any issues you may have with a soil pipe coming from your property. All soil pipes must contain a trap which prevents sewer gases from escaping back into the house. If you do notice a problem with a soil pipe please contact us immediately and we can come to fix this quickly for you.

Long Term Solutions

We Can offer a FREE CCTV inspection with every man hole or soil pipe repairs. This will ensure that there are no long term problems with your drains. For more, please call us in Blackpool on 07970 883333.


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