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Drain Repairs Blackpool

Expert drain repairs in Blackpool and beyond. Some sewer and drain problems are more complex than just a simple blockage. At Steve Hastings Drain Services our team can professionally assess and solve all issues that may occur. We provide high-quality services every time in order to make sure that problems are solved not just for the immediate future but for years to come.

Sewer Repairs

To find out more about broken drains or to arrange for a visit, call us today on 07970 883333.

Problems That Can Occur

  • Bellied pipe
  • Leaking joints
  • Root infiltration
  • Off-grade pipe
  • Broken, cracked or collapsed pipes
  • Blockage
  • Corrosion

How We Can Help

Faced with a drain repair? Have you been told that it requires an excavation? Steve Hastings Drainage only excavate when absolutely necessary.

No-dig technology/lining has improved so much that the majority of drainage repairs and replacements can be completed without having to dig at all. However, there are some occasions when excavation is the only way to do the job effectively. Sometimes, it’s faster and more efficient to replace short sections of pipe at a shallow depth by excavating the old pipe and replacing with new. There are occasions when a pipe or sewer has reached such a state of collapse or is completely inaccessible that the only route to take is excavation and repair.

Steve Hastings Drainage are experienced in all types of excavations, from a small gully replacement to a major excavation drain repair. Full insurance is in place for excavations and fully trained engineers. Full reinstatement is always carried out following any excavation, together with the removal of all waste. Should a garden require excavation, a professional gardener is available to photograph plants and replant in their original position on completion. Excavated turf can also be replaced to ensure minimal disruption to your environment.

We pride ourselves on our working standards and quality of finish.

Long Term Solutions

We Can offer a FREE CCTV inspection with every sewer and drain repair. This will ensure that there are no long term problems with your drains. For more details, please call us today in Blackpool on 07970 883333.


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