Septic Tanking and Water Treatment in Blackpool

Since 2015, regulations have stated that from January 1st 2020, it is no longer legal to discharge your waste water from your septic tanking system into a water course. By then, you should have replaced your septic tanking system, under the Environment Agency Septic Tank General Binding Rules.

When it comes to having a septic tank installed, there are many rules and regulations you need to abide by. If your property does not connect to the main drainage network, you need to ensure you have the correct septic tank, and are aware of the changing regulations. SH Drain Services specialise in septic tanks and water treatment, and are available to provide advice and guidance on the recent regulations. We are certified members of the National Association of Drainage Contractors, and you can always expect high-quality customer service.

Ensuring Your Septic Tanking System Is Up-To-Date

Septic tanks can no longer discharge their waste water into a water course such as a stream or a river; it can only be disposed of into a drainage field. The reason for this is because the waste water’s quality is not considered as clean, and could cause pollution. You will be required by law to install a brand new, up-to-date sewage treatment plant system. Homeowners are responsible for the installation and maintenance of their sewage treatment system on their property and to limit its impact on the local environment.

Your new system needs to have been installed by January 1st 2020; otherwise you could face a fine of up to £100,000 if you are caught out. Under the new regulations, you are required to upgrade/replace your septic tank to a full sewage treatment plant under British Standard BS EN 12566 for septic tanks and small sewage treatment plants, and BS 6297:2007 for drainage fields.

If you are buying or selling a property, you are also legally obligated to inform potential buyers if the property has a septic tank, as well as providing all information about its maintenance requirements and location.

Don’t risk being caught out. We advise you contact a reliable contractor to carry out a septic tank survey to ensure it complies with the regulations. You will have a year to upgrade, dependent on a case-by-case basis.

Our Septic Tanking Services

Steve Hastings Drain Services carries out a range of septic tanking services, including:

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What Should You Do?

To comply with the new regulations, there are two ways you can do so. You can either install a small sewage treatment plant or install a drainage field system. Sewage treatment plants produce cleaner water compared to septic tanks, and a drainage field allows the waste water to safely disperse without causing environmental damage. Drainage field systems can only be permitted by the Environment Agency who will assess the risk to groundwater at your site and determine its safety.

If you are installing a new septic tank or small sewage treatment plant, you must have building regulations approval, and possibly planning permission. To be compliant with the new regulations, you must also ensure that your new system is regularly cleaned, maintained and empty before it reaches its maximum capacity.

For expert advice on how to comply with the new regulations appropriately, get in touch with Steve Hastings Drainage Services today.

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