Blocked Drains St Anne’s

Blocked Drains St Anne’s? Steve Hastings Drain Services will unblock your drains for a fixed fee of just £20 (Terms Apply) with a completely FREE CCTV inspection with every blockage cleared.

We aren’t like other drainage companies in the area, we mean what we say! We stick to our word and when we say it’s just a £20 fixed fee – we mean it! With no hidden surprises, costs or sales waffle when it comes to unblocking your drains, why choose anybody else?

Blocked Drains? So What’s Included?

  • Rod Drain Clearance
  • FREE CCTV Drainage Inspection with Every Blockage Cleared
  • Clean Up of Messy Waste and Sewage
  • Zero Call Out Fees
  • No Charge if The Blockage Isn’t Cleared

Please note that if the blockage requires high-pressure jets the price will be fixed at just £45.

Steve Hastings Drain Services are blocked drain experts in St Anne’s. Our specialist team will clear blocked drains for an unmatched, fixed fee of just £20. We undertake work for residential customers as well as larger commercial, industrial clients. If you live in St Anne’s or own a business in St Anne’s and require a drainage company to unblock your drains, repair broken man hole covers or even clear sewage waste, then don’t hesitate to give Steve Hastings Drain Services a call today on 07970 883333.

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Blocked Drains St Anne’s

If you would like to find out more or have blocked drains in St Anne’s, contact our 24-hour service on 07970 883333. Alternatively, you can always take a look at our Facebook page for all the latest updates and featured competitions.