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Increasingly weather presenters are heard to say “more heavy rain is forecast” and according to all the news reports, there is every reason to expect that these volatile and extreme weather conditions will continue in the future. Heavy rain causes flooding and many people suffer from waterlogging where water sits on the soil surface and either fails to drain away or does so very slowly.

Certain types of ground are much more susceptible to waterlogging than others, such as dense clay soils and ground that is badly compacted.

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About The Problem

Very often the gardens we see with waterlogging problems have very poor quality planting and/or grass because although the occasional flash flood won’t kill plants, sitting in saturated soil for a prolonged period of time can be fatal. Plants stuck in waterlogged gardens will start to show symptoms similar to those caused by drought; they display yellow leaves, wilting, rotting roots and stunted growth. Not a pretty picture!!

There are ways to drain waterlogged lawns and gardens such as spiking the grass at regular intervals with a garden fork but this doesn’t always work!!

What We Can Do

HR Drain Services Ltd can offer a full solution which we can assure you will work. The solution we offer would be bespoke to you based on our findings during our initial free survey.

A full solution could involve clearing the site, installing a permeable land drainage system, levelling the land and re-turfing the garden leaving your garden in perfect condition.

To work out whether waterlogging is an issue with a lawn, look out for the following:

  • The lawn is squelchy to walk on
  • A sticky, glue-like layer of puddled soil may form near the surface, which is made worse by walking on the lawn.

Try to keep off a waterlogged lawn where possible.

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We can offer;

  • Fast and friendly solutions.
  • 24hr call outs.
  •  Installation of a permeable land drainage system.
  • Land Leveling.
  • Re-turfing the garden

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